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Abidialong Coating

The Coating will be applied ultra-thin by an own method. The amount at diamond structure is about 80 – 95 %, in addition the layer is completely free of hydrogen.
The Abidialong-coating is an optimal solution for higher performance from tools und components. The constancy of form, the surface finish and the precision of the tools remains because of extremely thin layer (1 µm) safeguarded. There is no round from edges and cutting. The ultra-thin layer in the nanoscale allows a high precision method of construction to coat exactly very thin parts.


The achieved structures gives the layer following characteristics:

  • extremely hardness approx. 5300 HVtwice as hard as normal DLC-layers
  • highest wear resistance approx three times higher as normal DLC-layers
  • optimal adhesion because of special developed interlayer
  • insensitive to moisture
  • rub worth: 0,08 – 0,12
  • 100 % biocompatibility
  • chemical stability and corrosion resistance
  • max. coating temperature 100 °C
  • 1 μm coating thickness
  • temperature resistance to 500 °C