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Services/ Contract Work

We provide following services to our customers:

  • constructions (injection mold tools, punch tools)
  • electrodes modeling
  • coatings
  • 3 or 5 axis milling
  • wire cutting / edm
  • start hole boring / fl at grinding
  • tool shop workings


  • graphite electrodes milling

We use graphite from company Mersen e.g. Ellor 25, Elllor 40 or Ellor 50.
The electrodes will be milled on a machine OPS Speed Hwak 550 and
when needed in connection to 3D dates control on a measuring machine
Zeiss Duramax including measuring report. As well edm from inserts in
connection possible because all three machines are connected with a
Chameleon. Of course the facilities standing in a air-conditioned room.