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Quality Control

Our Quality Concept
Our customers give us their trust and so they have the right to precise products of the highest quality, delivered on time, and at a fair price. Every employee contributes to the achievement of these goals through his daily work.To satisfy our customers, we expect an unwavering commitment to the quality and innovation of our products and services from every member of our team.
The quality of our products and services defines us and guarantees the advancement of our enterprise. Quality means: our products are fully in line with the expectations of our customers. So, the real aim of our work is not the product but


The promotion of our quality awareness among all employees, as well as suppliers and partners is the task of our team leader and executives. They define clear, achievable targets, which support the employees in the realization of the quality targets.


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
In the background we are already still working on this certification. A very important point is the fi eld of the complaint handling. In the case of a defect of our products, we ask you for immediate notifi cation within 15 working days after receipt of our goods. After this period, we reserve the right for quality assurance reasons, the complaint only to a limited extent. Are suppliers in our worldwide partner network are 90% still certifi ed and Abitzsch checked and judge these companies periodically after internal requirements. For Abitzsch the most important point is the quality. This is what we living for internally and also externally.


QC Department

With the move from Villingen-Schwenningen to Bad Dürrheim our modern qc department has been founded. Newly purchased and validly calibrated testing and measuring instruments are control by experience QS specialists served and incoming goods checked for „quality“.


Our Measuring Instruments in Bad Dürrheim

  • digital micrometer
  • digital caliper
  • parallel cauge block ceramic
  • surface measuring instrument T1000 from Hommel Etamic
  • 3 point inside micrometer
  • inside caliper digital 30mm
  • electronic digital height cauge from Tesa
  • profi l projector
  • hardness tester from Durajet Emco
  • thread plug gauges
  • thread ring gauges
  • fine pointer


Measuring certificate

By request we create a chargeable measuring certificate for your special part. We need in advance your inspection dimension. Also material certificate may be requested.